Coaching & Training

Learners best receive and retain new thinking and performance skills when they are taught in their job specific environment. That’s why Omega Alliance, Inc.’s methodology brings the training and coaching direct to the working interface, the job site. By observing and coaching on the rig alongside your personnel, we teach in YOUR environment, leveraging YOUR specific real time issues and challenges as part of our teaching strategy.

Change does not happen by passively receiving information, but only by being personally engaged with and connected to meaningful experiences. The human brain responds best to that which is unexpected, creative, fun and challenging. Omega training and coaching creates opportunities for participation and thinking by focusing on unconventional learning principles: movement, talking, images, writing, drawing, questions, and collaborative scenarios.

Also, high performance behaviors and habit patterns are more effectively developed and enhanced when group training is combined with one-on-one coaching. To achieve the culture change in behaviors, Omega supports our off-tour training model by immediately providing on tour coaching. In this way, we “coach the coach” to personalize their own strategy for success based on their unique strengths. As they practice their new coaching skills on the job, our energy management leadership professionals observe and coach them toward excellence. The result is a safe and efficient team performing at their highest level of competency.

Supervisory Coaching is a vital and crucial resource:

  • Supervisors hold a position of significant influence with their teams. Effective communication quickly impacts the workplace because of direct contact with teams on a daily basis.
  • Supervisors often are promoted with insufficient training. When they receive training that increases their leadership skills, they develop effective teams.
  • Everyone on a team depends on the supervisors for leadership and guidance to remain safe in a dangerous environment.Supervisors who demonstrate the importance of safety through a set of constant and effective coaching set a level of expectations for safety effort with sustainable results.

The oil and gas industry is very process-led. Processes are documented and required to be followed with no exceptions. However, this practice doesn’t elicit willing attitudes and behaviors but rather often provokes resentment. Employees lose motivation and the desire to perform up to the standards set. This results in distractions and incidents.

When teams experience collaboration and skilled coaching feedback with their supervisors, are valued for their input, receive acknowledgement for a job well done, morale and productivity increases. Incidents decrease.

Feedback connects people and their behavior to the world around them. It gives everyone the chance to realize how their behavior influences the success of their organization. Effective feedback will reinforce positive behavior and correct negative behavior. The ability to give and receive feedback is a must for leaders who wish to have honest and direct relationships with employees.


  • Energy Management Leadership (EML)
    Comprised of a one-and-a-half day Leadership Workshop and On-site Coaching.
  • Energy Management Executive Leadership
    Comprised of a one-and-a-half day Workshop for Executives.

  • Safety Through Design
    A one-and-a half day Workshop for Engineers and Technical Personnel.