Daniel Mattson, M.A., Champion, EML Safety Coach & Trainer

danDan works with leaders for safety and high performance through executive and leadership coaching, professional development and team training.

Dan partners with clients for leadership and organizational focus, core foundations and forward momentum to achieve safe work behaviors, sustain performance, and have positive impact through leadership and influence.

Dan engages clients to live and lead with increasing intentionality and clarity that produce safe, effective results.

Dan is uniquely positioned and experienced to coach, train, and inspire leaders in the offshore drilling industry.

Dan’s accomplishments include:

  • Implement behavior based safety programs offshore
  • Train and coach offshore high performance and safe teams
  • Delivered Hazard Identification Process Safe Behavior Programs
  • Delivered Energy Management Leadership programs and Coaching
  • Team development through the creation and delivery of training programs for skills development.

Education and Certification:

  • Masters in Education
  • Bachelors in Business
  • ICF certified coach training
  • Hazard Identification Process Coach
  • Energy Management Leadership Coach

Dan’s specialized experience:

  • 10+ years of safety training and coaching.
  • 15+ years of business leadership and management experience.
  • 5 years of safety training and coaching offshore.
  • Trainer and consultant, maximizing the talents and strengths of others.

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