Darrel Caldwell, PhD, CEO and Founder

darrelSummary of Qualifications

Over 47 years diversified hands-on coaching and training experience in the health and safety, regulatory compliance (offshore and onshore), leadership, and culture fields. This experience includes Energy Management Leadership training, The HIP Process, coaching, safety training, auditing, and consulting activities in the Continental United States, Alaska, Algeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Qatar, Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia, Lybia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom (Scotland, Ireland, England, and North Sea), Mexico and Canada.

Activities encompass 34 years of oil and gas operations (offshore and land based); offshore drilling and production rigs and platforms; FPSO’s; land-based rigs, refineries, chemical manufacturing and service, construction, pipeline and pipeline construction, maritime and trucking operations.

Dynamic professional with extensive experience in the health and safety field, regulatory compliance, coaching, facilitating Coaches Workshops, and Energy Management Leadership Workshops based on the culture assessment of the customer and coaching products in the field (IE: JSA’s, etc.). I have been partnering with customers in several programs utilizing the following broad-based competencies:

  • Author and creator of the Hazard Identification Process (HIP)
  • Author and creator of the JSA and Coaching GAP Analysis Program
  • Co-author of the Energy Management Safety Leadership Coaching Program
  • Developed and implemented safety coaching programs for: ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Chevron, and several contractors.
  • Hazard Identification Process Audit and Implementation Plan
  • DOT Operator Qualification Compliance Auditor (Parts 192 and 195)
  • DOT Operator Qualification Plan development
  • NCCER–Assessment Administrator for DOT Pipeline OQ (Parts 192 and 195)
  • WSO–Certified Safety Executive #860 by exam
  • IASA–Certified Best Practice Auditor
  • NCCER–Certified Master Trainer and Site Safety Master Trainer
  • Designed and implemented Behavior Based programs
  • Designed and implemented H2S safety programs and personnel training for drilling and production facilities.
  • Developed and implemented qualification audits, site surveys and developed safety and loss control programs
  • Developed and implemented Culture Assessments
  • Developed and implemented Risk Management Programs
  • Developed and implemented Best Practice Audits


  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
    • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Master of Sciences (MS):
    • Education and Physical Education
    • Academic Guidance and Counseling
    • Vocational Counseling
    • Job Placement
  • BS in Physical Education, Education and Psychology and Social Sciences

Professional Certifications

  • OAI Certified Energy Management Leadership Master Champion
  • CCE Certified Coach
  • Certified Lead Professional
  • Certified Hazard Recognition Plus Master Champion
  • IASA Certified Auditor
  • OSHA Certified 500 Instructor
  • AEU Certified Shipyard Competent Person
  • WSO Certified Safety Executive #860 by exam
  • MFA Certified First Aid Instructor/Trainer
  • EPA Certified Hazardous Waste Operations Trainer
  • EPA Certified Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Trainer
  • NCCER Certified Master Trainer
  • NCCER Certified Site Safety Master Trainer
  • NCCER Certified Assessment Administrator for Pipeline and Industrial Operations
  • TWCC “Professional Safety Source” #0749
  • MSHA Certified Instructor
  • EII Certified H2S Instructor
  • EII Certified Confined Space Entry Instructor

Other Members of the Senior Leadership Team