Testimonials & Clients


“As Safety Professionals we have all seen the good and not so good JSA’s,  and how they can affect the incident rates on our job sites. The Omega Alliance HIP (Hazard Identification Process) when used effectively gives our crews a more complete process to identify, (using energy sources), and mitigate hazards that are encountered in the daily job tasks.  I personally have seen the effects that the HIP can have in helping to reduce incident rates.   On the Valley Crossing Project, Darrel Caldwell’s hands on coaching techniques with our EHS Specialists and leaders in the field using the Omega Alliance HIP was introduced after a series of incidents.  Darrel spent countless hours on VCP, in foreman’s meetings and daily tailgate meetings coaching our crews in HIP.  The effect was that we saw a vast improvement in the quality of our JSA’s,  and this, I believe, contributed ultimately to a reduction in incidents and injuries to our employees. 

As you complete the HIP/LIP TTT course make it a priority to go out in the field and coach up the process to our crews and their leaders.  Effective coaching in the field on the HIP/LIP, using Darrel’s techniques presented throughout this course, will help achieve our ultimate goal of “ STRIKE Zero”.   –Howard Kinsel, EHS Regional Director, Strike USA


“I continue to use what I learned from the work with Darrel Caldwell in the North Sea. The Effort to get folks recognizing hazards across the North Sea allowed a fundamental shift in the culture of the workforce and a different conversation.” -John Slater, BP


“What can I say about this man and his company that is so professional, whom came in to help a struggling team to develop into one of the top performing teams. We started with the Hazard Identification program, which improved our O&I program, he worked with us to develop tailored programs for workers, first line supervisors, supervisors and management. He even has a program for the engineers to learn to design out hazards. He has improved the team’s safety performance and we have had the best 5 years and in line for our 4th Presidents award.” -Leonard “Goody” Goodloe, ExxonMobil


“Darrel Caldwell worked with our Leadership team and our work teams on coaching and Hazard Identification and exceeded all our expectations.” -Francis Bindel, Chevron


  • Angola Chevron
  • BG Bolivia, Canada, Alaska, Algeria, Gulf of Mexico, Norway, North Sea
  • Redman Chevron Refinery
  • Ensign International Energy Services
  • Nigeria Noble Drilling
  • Nigeria ExxonMobil
  • Canada ExxonMobil
  • Texas ExxonMobil
  • Equatorial New Guinea ExxonMobil
  • Maersk Drilling
  • Quatargas Company
  • Gulf Drilling International
  • Ireland Ltd. Shell E & P
  • Shell International
  • Shell Offshore Inc.
  • Shell Rocky Mountain
  • Strike USA